Dooley demonstrates how to create gunpowder maps at the North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) workshop in Gunpowder Mapping, October 2015. 

Matt has been teaching at the university level for over seventeen years. His approach to teaching is driven by a philosophy that values active learning and feedback over more traditional teaching models. In class, students spend a lot of time working on outcome-based, process-oriented projects in an environment that encourages instructor-student interaction.


NACIS 2015 Workshop in Gunpowder Mapping (October 2015)

Courses taught:

GEOG 265: Mapping and Spatial Justice (2016-Present)

GEOG 250: Intro. to GISci (2006-Present)

GEOG 351: Map Design (2006-Present)

GEOG 366: Field Methods and GPS (2008-Present)

GEOG 455: Advanced Map Design (2007-Present)

GEOG. 365: Quantitative Techniques for Geographers (2006-2013)

GEOG 401: Senior Seminar (2008-Present)

GEOG 217: Map and Airphoto Interpretation (2002-2006)

GEOG. 317: Cartography I Lab (2001-2002)

GEOG 155: Physical Geography Lab (2000-2002)